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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Every now and then I have a ‘philosophical’ moment and think about things.

When you think about where you spend most of your waking hours youbeing to realise that your time is rarely your own. For example, Iwake at 6am. Breakfast and everything else before leaving home isabout ‘getting ready for work’. Work consumes me until I return homeand shed my work clothes, normally around 6pm. If I sleep for 8 hoursthen I have just 4 hours to spend in a place I want to be, doingthings I want to do with people I choose to be with. 4 hours. Just 4out of 16 waking hours: 25%...25% for me and 75% for work. True, Icould be more efficient, reduce my commute, but I think most people incities have similar stats. I’m lucky I like my work…imagine if Ididn’t…what a waste. But I do get paid. And that’s the reason we doit, isn’t it, to get paid.

Money buys things.

Things. Houses close to work, cars, petrol, things from Harvey Norman,fashions, baby clothes and toys, beer and cigarettes, holidays awayfrom work, phones and of course debt. All of these things in exchangefor 75%. Marketing tries to perpetuate this, enticing you into buyingthings you don’t need…’stimulating’ consumption…for 75%…The conceptnags at a thinkers mind others carry on, oblivious.

Of course there are some who have realised that there are other things to do…

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